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When I moved to Durham a few years back, I was blown away by the variety and quality of restaurants in the area—everything from the Southern staples to bold Mexican flavors to Asian fusion and South American cuisine. As each month passes, more appetizing eateries appear, making this area a true "mecca" for food lovers. In fact, Southern Living Magazine named Durham "The South's Tastiest Town" and CNN ranked Durham one of the top seven "up-and-coming foodie destinations" in the nation!

My blog, Bites of Bull City, was created in the fall of 2014 to provide the latest and tastiest news to fellow foodies living in and visiting the Durham, NC area.

As a foodie and writer with a background in publishing, I strive to maintain an interesting and up-to-date blog and website featuring local insider foodie news ranging from pre-opening restaurant Q&As, behind-the-scene menu previews, foodie event highlights, and even delicious local giveaways.

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Amber Watson, creator & writer